Chronicon Subworld 2020

What happens in a world where the last evil lies dead, the last quest is completed, and the last chest has been opened? In this world, the long-dead Heroes of Old are forever remembered and honored through a great magical device. This device, known only as the Chronicon, is capable of opening a portal into the memories – the very souls – of the Heroes of Old. Each year, a handful men and women are given the great honor to re-live the old tales. And this year, you have been chosen. Features: 5 large and varied acts with each their own storyline to play through; 4 unique classes - The Templar, Berserker, Warden, and Warlock; Procedurally generated dungeons and areas – each playthrough is different; Local co-op up to 4 players (same machine, requires 1 Xbox 360/one controller per additional player); Remote Play Together fully supported; Over 400 unique+ items with designed special powers; Over 700 items with randomized enchants & qualities, build-changing powers, and powerful set items; Over 900 skills, abilities, and perks to learn and improve; Infinite character progression via endless Mastery ranks; Hardcore mode; Deep crafting - Enchant, Gem, Empower, and inscribe your equipment with Runes; Endgame content including randomized dungeons, bosses, and endgame-only crafting mechanics; Full Xbox 360/one controller support (optional).
Download: None currently available

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