Cthulhu: Books of Ancients SimFabric 2020

Release Date: Oct 31 This is a first-person horror game in which we take on the role of a detective looking for a missing six children. A mysterious note thrown by an unknown informant at the door led him to the library of the University of Miskatonic, where there are clues to solve the puzzle. You will find the way, through the time and space... To the world I’ve seen, to the darkest place. Reading through the pages I left... Falling into dreams that I dreamt... Anything could happen, Just follow me. Features: Detective case to be solved; The secrets of the Ancients Ones; Ancient rituals; Summon and recall demons; Magic items inspired by Cthulhu Mythology; Miskatonic Library in Arkham; Innsmouth Herald Newspaper; Necronomicon and the books of the Ancient Ones.
Download: None currently available

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