Il dizionario dei piccoli [It] Studio InfoLab / Finson 2003

The Little One's Dictionary is Italian software for Windows with which your child begins to grow up and needs to learn. It's a dictionary for the PC: rich, because it contains more than two thousand words; fun, because it is illustrated and full of games and curiosities; easy, because it uses a clear and understandable language for the little ones, with very attractive graphics and an intuitive navigation system. A sentence, a saying or an image exemplifies the use of each lemma; the curiosity corner explains the meaning of anagrams, palindromes and anything else that can stimulate the child's interest in his own language. The program also gives the possibility to insert new headwords with the relative definition and image, to build, alone or with parents, an increasingly large dictionary. Complete the rich dictionary and a section of didactic games.
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Italian ISO Demo 34MB (uploaded by myloch)

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