Care Bears: Catch A Star! ImagEngine / THQ, ValuSoft 2005

The Care Bears want to make sure everyone is happy and with the help of their magical friends they can make you happy too. Explore the Care Bears' land filled with friendship and sunshine to play 8 fantastically fun action games - each with 5 cheerful levels. Friend Bear's Flower Power - Friend Bear is collecting flowers and she needs you to help. As flowers appear turn Friend Bear to toss flowers to match 3 or more of the same color for her friendship bouquet. Wish Bear's Star Buddy Rainbow Notes - It's time for the Star Buddy rainbow concert. Watch the stars pop up and play their notes. Now test your memory to remember which star buddies popped up and in which order they played their notes. Remember them all to hear the whole song play with Wish Bear conducting. Love-a-lot Bear's Wish Sender - Love-a-lot Bear is busy sending warm wishes to children everywhere. Click on the shapes to keep the wish meter filled then drop them into the wish envelopes. It's a clicking extravaganza. Share Bear's Ping Pong Fun - Keep the bubble bouncing by moving Share Bear back and forth along the screen to collect the objects. Get them all to win but watch out for the star buddies. Get ready for lots of bouncy bouncy fun. Cheer Bear's Cheer Up Bubbles - Cheer Bear wants to collect lots of happy thoughts to make Grumpy Bear smile. Move Cheer Bear to catch the objects floating in the sky. Fill up the happiness meter to win the game. Bedtime Bear's Domino Dilemma - Bedtime Bear wants to put all the pieces of the puzzle together but he can't do it alone. Drag and drop the dominos to fill in the puzzle's gaps. Hurry before the time runs out. Good Luck Bear's Charm Builder - Good Luck Bear is collecting charms. As the conveyor belt brings in good luck pieces place them in the puzzle area. Try to finish with the best time then play again to beat the clock. Tenderheart Bear's Pattern Puzzle - CareBear's pictures are falling from above and you need...
ISO Demo 110MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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