Emergency Room: Code Red Legacy Interactive 2001

After twelve hours of waiting in the emergency room, a woman dies. The city is rioting over the hospital's shabby work. The player is a doctor in the ER of this hospital. The player must treat many patients, from gunshot wounds to stabbings, while keeping their sanity. Utilizing live-action video, various actor's will keep the story going, while the Chief Of Staff reviews the player's performance. As an ER doctor you'll confront dramatic emergency cases with this interactive, scenario-based computer program. With three modes of play (easy, normal, expert), it features 35 case scenarios including stab wounds, suicidal depression, carbon monoxide poisoning, head trauma, and more. You can question patients and family members and use more than 50 realistic exam and treatment tools such as oxygen, rib spreader, defibrillator, spinal catheter, and CT scans. Time triggers increase the pressure to perform critical procedures fast. Each scenario is scored so you can compete with your friends and colleagues.
ISO Demo 733MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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