Vet Emergency Legacy Interactive Inc. 2001

Become a veterinarian in this "real-life" medical simulation. Right out of college, you are the new intern at Legacy Animal Hospital, a busy pet clinic. Your patients are the family pets of the local residents and will include dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. Some come in for their annual check-ups while others have illnesses or injuries. Your goal - to be offered a permanent job at the clinic. You are their doctor. Choose your level of experience (Easy, Normal or Expert) at the beginning of the game. This difficulty level will determine the seriousness of your cases and cannot be changed. Dr. Maddie, your boss, will be reviewing your progress periodically (at the end of each case if you wish) and will add (or subtract) points depending on how well (or how poorly) you perform. Do well and you will advance. Do badly and you could be fired. There is an in-game hint system and a full library of research materials, plus tips from co-workers and your boss to help you. Use realistic medical equipment; learn how to give shots, take x-rays and even do surgery. 35 different patients with various problems are waiting for your help. Are you up to the challenge?
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