Hell Punk Horror Philisophic Games 2021

Release Date: Apr This is a brutal first person roguelite-hybrid with creative and fluid melee combat. Explore a randomized inter-dimensional warehouse and escape using any means necessary. Use your wits and fight your way through an army of demons in this open-ended sandbox. Randomized Levels - Every time you play you get a new chaotic experience. Learn to utilize the game’s systems to travel through different dimensions and ultimately escape. Easy to learn but hard to master. Inspired by the best of the genre, the combat is fluid, brutal and satisfying. Unlock new skills while playing and utilize the physics-based surroundings to defeat your foes in creative ways. The saferoom - The only constant in the game. Everything you put here is saved - everything else is gone when you lose. Use this to your advantage and make this space your home. Split-screen co-op - Get a controller and play with a friend the old-school way. Both the main campaign and survival mode can be played together. Using Unreal Engine 4, it is built with modern tech but still has a retro styled aesthetic. Combined with wild colors and insane monsters it’s a truly unique experience.
Steam Alpha Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5407222 582MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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