Dr. Jekyll Revised + Dr. Jekyll Returns Edward Findlay 2015

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, released in 1989 for NES, is a notoriously difficult and just bad game. It's based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novella "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", which follows a respected doctor who develops a serum that transforms him into the embodiment of his darkest thought and desires. He becomes a slave to his alter ego and is ultimately destroyed by it. In the game, Jekyll must make his way from his home to the church where he is to marry his sweetheart Miss Millicent. He's got to keep his life bar and "Jekyll to Hyde" meter in check, or he'll find himself changed into the nefarious Mr. Hyde. If this happens, Hyde must then defeat enough baddies to raise the meter back up and allow the good doctor to continue his quest. This 2017 fan-made revision takes a horrible game and makes it way better. It's a full redesign of the game with upgrades that include a mini map, balanced stages and a staff that hits people. Dr. Jekyll Returns (2015) was the very first game the developer ever made and was inspired by James AVGN. It's a combination of a lot of classic NES games with the Dr. Jekyll theme. He wanted to make a direct sequel to the first game that picks up right after the wedding ending of the first.
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Dr. Jekyll Revised + Dr. Jekyll Returns - Free Games 68+87MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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