Date With Markiplier, A Markiplier 2017

This is an interactive full-motion video game with a series of youtube videos made by Markiplier. They are dedicated to Happy Valentine's Day, February 14th of 2017. It's your lucky day. You get to go on a date with the popular youtube star. Get ready for the biggest adventure of your life. Markiplier, who joined YouTube in 2012, has 26 million subscribers — putting him in the top 100 of most-followed channels on the platform. He’s known for his videos with game commentary and play-throughs of indie and horror games, as well as comedy sketches. There are branching decisions which you must make in order to get to one of ten possible endings. The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style of video kickstarts with you meeting Mark in a fancy restaurant. As you chat, all four courses of your dinner fly past your faces without so much as a nibble to see if it's any good... but then trouble kicks off. Markiplier apologizes to you profusely as he's forgotten his wallet and asks if you can pay, and it's here that your adventure begins. By clicking on the "PAY" or "DON'T PAY" annotations on the video, you can decide how you want your date with Mark to go, and we chose the slightly more rebellious option. Within no time, we were thrown into the back of a truck by the chef, trying to smack him around the head with a lead pipe and eventually being abducted by aliens in what must be the craziest date we've ever had in our lives. It had nearly 4 million dates in just it's first two days.
Free Game 432MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)
Browser-Playable Free Game (uploaded by Youtube)

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