Muumit Meren Aalloilla [Fi] Norsk Strek AS / WSOY Multimedia, Nordic Softsales 1996

Moomins in the Waves of the Sea is the second Moomin -themed computer game. Indeed, it is very similar in graphics and sound to its predecessor. A new version of the game (version 1.2) was released in 1997. The new version at the beginning of the game tells us that the Moomins and their friends have decided to go on a hot summer day on Moominpa's Merenhuiske ship towards the outpost. The task in the game is to collect three medals in the medal cabinet in the cockpit, after which the player can guide Merenhuisk back to the Moomin Valley in the navigation task (three times). The navigation task can be completed when all three medals have been earned. There are ten different tasks in the game: Retrieving Product seabed with Moomintroll; Catching flying fish with wounds with Hemul; Choosing the right combination of animal sounds with Snorkmaiden; Arrangement of different clothes for Papa Moomin; Snuff memory game (can also be played in singles); Coloring pictures with Sniff; Horn task where the playing order of the horns must be repeated correctly; Little My jakkaraleikki Hattifatteners with (background music in the mountain cave of the King ); A hidden game of sticky feet; The navigation task already mentioned. Medals are awarded for all tasks except navigation, Nipsu and horn tasks. The 1996 and 1997 versions differ in part in the different graphics and sounds. In the original version, the game does not contain spoken replicas or a story to be told at the beginning at all. However, the actual games are the same in both versions. A third version of the game was also released in 2001 under the name "Muumipappa ja meri" (Moomin and the Sea). The third version has been implemented in collaboration with Muumimaailman (Moomin World) and includes the 1997 version of the game, as well as information and pictures of Moomin World. In the 1997 version, the narrator tells about the Moomin Valley at the beginning of the game and its map is displayed on the screen. Some sort of map of the Moomin Valley appears in all the Moomin games that appeared after this game. The number of characters in Moomins on the Waves of the Sea is not nearly as large as in its predecessor. There was only one "actual mission" in Moomins Hidden , which in turn has a lot of different missions. You can't click anywhere in the game, except in the cockpit and in the Moomin Troll task. The only characters who speak in the game in addition to the narrator are Pikku Myy (voiced by Elina Salo from the Moomin Valley Stories series) and Moominmamma (for one reply, also voiced by the narrator of the game, Erja Manto).
Finnish ISO Demo 99MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Muumit: Laiva Syntyy - Nordic ISO Demo 115MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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