Muumit Ja Näkymätön Lapsi [Fi] Norsk Strek AS / WSOY New Media, later Nordic Softsales 1999

Moomins and the Invisible Child is the fourth Moomin computer game. It's the first, and also the only, Moomin computer game where the player gets to control the character ( Ninni ) himself. Ninni is invisible at the beginning of the game, and the player's task is to gradually make Ninni visible by performing various tasks. There are seven different types of tasks: Apples save the birds with Little My; Moomin paper canning machine; Taking jam jars into the basement using the Niisku machine; Moomin Troll Badminton Game; Making different outfits for Ninn; Music Identification with Snufkin; Picking mushrooms with Moominmamma (locked; opens when enough other tasks are done). After each mission, Ninni becomes a little more visible. Moominmamma is involved in every task, and gives advice to all of them. All but one of the tasks can be accessed from the menu inside Moomin House , not from the Moomin Valley overview, as in the previous and subsequent Moomin computer games. The Moomin Valley will be seen in the game’s opening video and in a separate story about “Family Day”. Only Moominmamma talks about the characters in the game, her voice is by Ulla Tapaninen, who is familiar from the stories of Moomin Valley. The plot and content of the game refer very loosely to Tove Jansson’s short story The Invisible Child.
Finnish ISO Demo 446MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Mumin: Ninni - det osynliga Barnet - Swedish Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 432MB (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)

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