Makai [J] Illusion 1997

Judging from the current point of view, "Makai" is naturally rough and the game is almost a simple broadcast. However, 3D modeling technology was generally the case at that time, and compared with the pictures of some games in the same period, it did not feel very outdated. Once the game was released, it caused quite a topic. Although some H games tried to add some 3D backgrounds or animations before, they were made entirely in 3D (butter), and this was the first company at that time. The small success did not satisfy the society. They struck while the iron was hot and launched the immortal masterpiece "DES BLOOD" at the end of 1997, which is the famous "Blood of Desire" in the future. I not only refined the characters in "Blood of Desire", but also reviewed the lack of gameplay in "Makai". The production team added the more popular shooting elements at the time. Players need to complete the shooting game before they can watch the desired broadcast (the shot after victory is more sweet).
Japanese ISO Demo 726MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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