Sequence Palladium [J] Usagi-san Chimu / Kogado Studio 1998

This tactical simulation game set in a fantasy world filled with advanced magic physics. In the tactical part, the player makes full use of the colossal knight called " wizard" and magic to lead the tactic to success. In addition, we will provide training for [Parasuit] in the training part to prepare for difficult scenarios. The [contract] between the parasuit and the knight creates a [pair], and the ability of the unit is determined by the pair riding on the wizard. Eventually, the player will be able to survive the battle by selecting the rider, equipment, and magic according to the characteristics of the team members from the team members consisting of 20 knights and 16 spirits while planning the concept of the pair. Among them, [personnel formation] is important in that the weaknesses of the pair are supplemented by [development] , the strengths are extended, knights and spirits are newly welcomed to the troops, and [contract/destroy] is performed successfully. It's divided into a battle part and a training part, and an event (conversation with Parasuit, etc.) is inserted at the beginning of the scenario. In the battle part, the player controls each unit and uses various wizards called Colossus Knight and magic to complete various missions. In the training part, knights and parasuits are trained to prepare for difficult missions. A “teacher” can be attached to the training. The wizard can be activated only when the knight of humankind and the para-spirit of the spirits contract with each other and form a pair. The wizard must be equipped with a physical attack weapon and have spells and scriptures installed. Parasute and Wizard have their own attributes, and depending on the combination, you may not be able to board. The progress of the game is basically event → scenario selection → formation of troops/arms selection → training command → information collection command → tactics → tactical evaluation → training report → information collection report. The game was largely divided into the first and second half, and the first half proceeded from Ferrier's capital Felier, which is located on the border between the continent of Dicttoria and Rio Gende, to Cannon, the most southeastern metropolitan city on the continent of Dicttoria, and met with friends on the way. Reinforce your strength while acquiring items. The main character is forced to make a big decision at the beginning of the latter half of the game when he enters the Kamitsuchi area, and the scenario further diverges. In the tactics, it is necessary to properly instruct the detection, concealment, various movements, battles, etc., and achieve the goals of "destroying target structures", "rescuing allies", and "holding the front for a certain period of time". In April 2006, the "Sequence Palladium favorite book" was released as an XP compatible version, which included a number of special features such as soundtrack CDs and illustration collections. It is also sometimes abbreviated as "Sea Para" or "SP" . A related product is the Sequence Palladium Mania Kit, which includes desktop accessories and soundware.
Japanese ISO Demo 509MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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First Edition - Japanese ISO Demo + WinXP Edition - Full Demos (provided by rockleevk & upped by Scaryfun) 498+547+695MB
Sequence Palladium 1-3 - Japanese Clone + AlcoholClone ISO Demos 1.75GB

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