Sequence Palladium 2 [J] Usagi San Team / Kogado Software Products 1999

The location is the westernmost point of the Croisette continent. People live quietly on a small island. Most of the island is covered with virgin forest, and animals and spirits sing around. It is the people of the surrounding towns and the nobles who own the territory who know the small villages. I was injured. They call this village "The Sage's Village." One issue was taken up in Sage's Village. In the parliament of "the treasure wise men". Has completely lost the message from the neighboring country. The neighboring island was similarly isolated from the continent. The wise men finally realized that the "power of darkness" was resurrected and, like ancient history, they decided to carry out a plan to throw Ein into their whirlpool. Already, several people including Ain were selected for the village as a survey of neighboring countries. They are well. Kill time at end meetings. Faith will accompany the "Peaceful Sage". A brief explanation will be given to the members of the survey team, and the neighboring town will be the first destination. Before departure, in preparation for the outside world where you do not know what will happen, a wizard's mock battle near the village. A contract between the knight and Parasuite. Each parameter changes depending on the contractor. Also, this time, if you cancel the contract, there is considerable damage, so you have to select the contract partner more carefully. Composition/Armed selection - Select a wizard and weapon to mount. This time, magic and combat options are pre-populated in the wizard, so the aircraft's performance is limited and the use is naturally decided. Choose the aircraft that suits your strategy. Composition/briefing - Operation description and unit formation screen. Carefully check the strategy content and enemy force, and select a pair suitable for it. Tactics - The number of maps is over 40. Clearing the active scenario of your choice, you can get the rare training items and armor. The balance has been redesigned and a whole new battle awaits you.
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Japanese ISO Demo 724MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Chinese, Japanese, Korean ISO Demos (provided by rockleevk & upped by Scaryfun) 505+507+422MB
Sequence Palladium 1-3 - Japanese Clone + AlcoholClone ISO Demos 1.75GB

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