Legend of Excalipurr, The Wisp Entertainment 2021

Release Date: TBA With magical cats as your weapons, you will never fight alone. This is a retro action adventure game that aims to recreate the 16-bit games of yesterday by utilizing classic game design to deliver a truly great gaming experience. You play as Kat the Cat Knight, on a quest to save the beloved Kingdom of Kitten from the fins of an evil goldfish. Wield mighty and magical cats to shoot, slash, and scratch your way to victory. Features: Collect magical shape-shifting cats to unlock new abilities and defeat your foes; Eight different cats, including Excalipurr, the legendary sword, Pushin' Boots, the dash boots, and Meowlnir, the mythical hammer; Crazy bosses and lovable cats showcase a humorous and valiant narrative; Explore a vast and interwoven world; Find countless hidden secrets and upgrades; Gameplay is fun and welcoming to newcomers and an old embrace for seasoned gamers. No need for tutorials - learn from playing; Purrfect your platforming skills as you take down an invading fish army.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v2737652 63MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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