My Friend Cubix: Bubble Town Adventure! [K] Spearhead / Daou data system 2002

Based on a South Korean fantasy animated series of the early 2000s, performed in a style close to anime, but in the computer (CGI) animation technique, it gained great popularity not only at home and in neighboring states, but also in the West. Its plot can be summarized as follows: the action takes place in 2044, when actually intelligent robots have become an integral part of human life. The main character is a boy Hanyl, who is very keen on robotics (renamed Connor in the western versions of the animated series), who moves with his parents to the city of Bubble Town, where almost every inhabitant has his own robot. By chance, he finds himself involved in a confrontation with a villainous scientist named Dr. Kay, who constructs robots hostile to humanity. Everything again "revolves" around the confrontation between brave children and their robots with Dr. Kay. This game is a hybrid of platformer and beat 'em up with a side-view perspective. The game is divided into levels, each of which consists of three stages: at the first stage we play as Khanyl, at the second - as Kubiks; the third - a fight with the boss, where again you have to take on the role of a robot. Any part of the level is one huge (significantly exceeding the limits of the instantly visible space) and, relatively speaking, a "multi-storey" location. The task is to get to a certain point of it, not marked in an explicit way - due to the monotonous and at the same time rather complex architecture, it is not so easy to find it. The hero, whoever he is, is hindered by opponents (extremely diverse robots), with whom it is necessary to fight; at the same time, Hanyl is only able to stun enemies, while Kubiks is just to destroy. The boy is distinguished by a significant set of skills: he can run (for this you need to press the key with the "left" or "right" arrow keys twice), jump ("C"), bend ("lower" cursor arrow) and crawl (you must press first " lower "and then" left "or" right "cursor arrow), as well as go up and down stairs, move on your hands above the surface, clinging to the ledges, pull yourself up, after grasping the cliff. Of course, he is also capable of self-defense: by pressing "X" near the enemy, the hero will fight with his hands, and at a distance, he will throw various bizarre-looking objects at him, the supply of which is endless. The same key is used to press all kinds of buttons and levers. The jumping mechanics when playing as Hanyl are simple; There are moving platforms, but in fact there are no fatal gaps (although falling from a great height seems to be not entirely safe), and it is never necessary to calculate the starting point for a jump. Actually, even in principle, you will not have to perform the mentioned action so often - at least not more often than crawling or on your hands (and without the use of these skills, success cannot be achieved). The hero has a relatively solid reserve of health, as well as several "lives" - but in case of death, the passage of the segment begins anew without saving any achievements. The main difficulty of the stages for the boy, in addition to the aforementioned confusing architecture, is that he, as again mentioned earlier, cannot kill the robots opposing him. The enemy, after several missed hits or hits with well-thrown objects by the hero, falls to the ground, being surrounded by "asterisks" traditional for Western mass culture, symbolizing fainting, but after some (albeit relatively long) time he comes to his senses. Enemies at the first stage of the first level are funny: they are jumping yellow humanoids, fat flyers and extremely unpleasant little dark-lilac "pigs", which can be hit - attention - only in the squatting position, and it is better - by throwing objects from some distance. The situation is aggravated by the presence of a time limit in the game - albeit quite sparing, but still unpleasant. In the course of the passage, you can find some bonuses, but almost all of them seem to be needed only to increase the score; the exception is the multi-colored cubes that restore health. Although it is possible that it will not be possible to proceed to the next stage without any items, so it is better to pick up everything that we find. You should also pay attention to the presence of deadly traps: at the first stage, these are power cables sticking out here and there, which must be jumped over or avoided in other ways.
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