Space Misadventures CaptainKyari, Naille Sisiht 2020

This is a classic Point and Click adventure game... for adults. As you traverse the depths of space, your ship loaded with the bounty of your last adventures... your trusty ship's AI raises the alarm. Something has gone awry with your cargo. What sexy shenanigans could be awaiting you? Will you reach the extremely NSFW ending? Will you find the 3 collectibles? Will you enjoy your Vaguely Erotic Space Misadventure (in Space)? Will we ever make more of this? Only one way to find out. This game was made for the Strawberry Jam 4. Playing in fullscreen seems to cause issues of cutscenes and text skipping. You can tweak resolution with the winconfig.exe file. There's no audio at the moment. They had to skip that part so we could meet the deadline.
Free Game 1MB (uploaded by

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