Last Show of Mr. Chardish, The Punk Notion / Hydra Games SA 2020

Act 1 is a prologue to the full version of "The Last Show of Mr. Chardish" and is an introduction to the game world and its history. Meet the Actress, Ella, who returns to the theater where she once worked. She wants to refresh the memories of her former life and discover the secrets of Robert Chardish, the director and visionary close to her, which are contained in extraordinary performances. Together with Ella, immerse yourself in magical worlds created by the brilliant mind of the artist and try to find out what happened to the theatre and Mr. Chardish himself. Journey between the real and imaginary world, where each of them is presented in a different graphic style. You will meet the main character, Actress Ella, and help her solve first secrets about Robert Chardish. Discovering a beautiful yet very old theater building. Look for objects that can bring you closer to what happened to Mr. Chardish (drawings, notes, etc.) Recreate the performance by manipulating the lights. Creative searching for unusual ways to get to know every place in the theater.
Act 1 - Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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