Angelic Vale [J] Chrome Six / Electronic Arts K.K. 2003

This is a fully-voiced tactical RPG in which the story and battles are divided into chapters and are accessed by traveling to a territory on the World Map. Each character has a set of special skills and magic and their MP is slightly restored after each turn. Players can also buy and assign additional troops to each character which can chain attacks. Unfortunately, items gained during battles can't be sold. Each character levels up separately after defeating an enemy and, depending on how well the player fought during a battle, they can get rare items and extra gold. The game has 3 difficulty levels and the harder the difficulty level is, the more items the player can acquire after each battle. Some of the levels can be replayed to gain additional items and experience. The game takes place in the kingdom of Belluna which is still healing from the scars of a civil war that took place a decade ago. The rookie knight Ogil and his childhood friend Fio fall witness to the assassination of the king of Belluna by rebellion soldiers from the neighboring Jerenia Republic. Despite losing the king and being torn between both sides of the conflict, the hero makes his own choices of what to fight for. However, the path the heroes have chosen will be filled with blood, darkness and significant changes to their beloved homeland.
Japanese ISO Demo + Patch 436MB (uploaded by Corwin)

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