Deep Fritz 7 Chessbase 2001

Another edition of the best chess program in the world today. In 2001, the program from this line won the international chess program championship in Spain. Deep Fritz 7 is a stronger version of the Fritz 7 chess program for multiprocessor computers (up to eight processors). Fritz 7, as a poorer version, allows you to play only on single-processor machines. In addition, Deep Fritz 7 has a much larger (and, incidentally, constantly updated) database of chess moves than Fritz 7 and is equipped with much more advanced procedures and algorithms. Although the authors focus primarily on the development of the kernel and the database of movements, they also do not forget about such a necessary thing as an intuitive user interface and aesthetic graphics. Both versions of Deep Fritz 7 and Fritz 7 also allow you to play live opponents on the manufacturer's chess servers.
ISO Demo with update 433MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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