Moomin and the Mysterious Howling Nordic Softsales 2006

This is the seventh Moomin computer game. The game has progressed a lot from the previous graphics, the most being backgrounds and the landscape. The plot is not based on any of the earlier Moomin story, but to remind Moomin fantastical two-part episodes, which also is mulling nights of noise. Themed game is not quite as bleak as the previous example, parts of Winter Magic and Invisible child. The game is also the first Moomin game in which the difficulty level can be selected. Snork also speaks for the first time in a Moomin computer game. None of the Moomin's familiar voice actors appear in the game, and the game is the first where this is (The Moominshide and seek game is not really speech at all). In the game, the task is to find out where the strange screams come from and make them end. The player must help Niisku fix his flying squirrel so he can fly with the Moomin Troll to see where the screams are coming from. Important parts have to be explored around the Moomin Valley .
Muumit ja salaperäiset huudot - Finnish ISO Demo 162MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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