Muumit ja Taikalamppu [Fi] eWSOY, Nordic Softsales 2001

Moomins and Magic Lamp is the sixth Moomin computer game. The plot of the game is similar to the Spirit of the Lamp section in the Moomin Valley stories episode. Unlike other Moomin computer games, there is no actual end to the game, it only ends when the player wants to stop playing. The voices of the Moomin characters are the same as in the stories of the Moomin Valley, except for Little My. At the beginning of the game, Moomin Troll greets the player and shows three different options for the player to move on to. In the game itself, read the story of the spirit of the lamp or read information about the Moomins. There are several different tasks in the game: Finder with Nipsu in the basement of Moomin House; Moomin troll memory game; Little Sell flower riddle; Picking flowers with Niiskuneid (easy, medium or difficult); Moomin troll assembly task; Niiskuneid's costume fitting; Nipsu quiz; Feeding animals with Little My; Collecting a bunch of coins. The player also has the opportunity to hear three different songs in the swimming room and color different pictures (from previous games) with Little My.
Finnish ISO Demo 262MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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