Muumit ja Taikatalvi [Fi] eWSOY, Nordic Softsales 2000

Moomins and Magic Winter is the Fifth Moomin computer game. The plot of the game is similar to that in Magic Winter, but there are some differences. Little Myy , Moomin Troll and Moomin Papa are the only characters who speak in the game, but only Moomin Troll has a voice familiar from the stories of Moomin Valley. The task in the game is to wake up the hibernating sleeping residents of Moomin House by spending time in various tasks with Pikku Myy and later Moomin Troll. There are seven different tasks in the game: Board game (pictures from previous games); Ice fishing (the game can also be played by two players when the Moomin is awake); Downhill (easy or difficult); Memory game in the snow; Construction of a snow castle; Finding goods before another; "Do not touch the floor" play. In addition, you can also play with icicles in the cave, which is not an actual "task". All tasks can be accessed from the Moomin Valley overview, and the alarm clock rings whenever it’s time to wake up one of the sleepers. The order of the awakeners varies, except for the Moomin Troll, which always wakes up first.
Finnish ISO Demo 260MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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