Nel Lontano West... [It] Dynamic digital bunch / Evviva! Software 2003

In The Far West is a wonderful collection of themed video games for the whole family, with nice and engaging graphics that require memory and reflexes. Take the challenge of Indians and cowboys. With Memory Saloon you will have to memorize what is hidden behind each card, without being distracted by the whiskey. In Bison Hunt, you will have to demonstrate your archery skills, leading the thrilling bison hunt of the Indians. Finally, with Texas Yatzee you will be able to play a classic dice game in which, in addition to having luck, you must choose the best combinations, in the most genuine country-western atmosphere. In each game you will have the opportunity to view the best scores and, if you have problems with the game rules, the online help will help you. Start playing and ... open your eyes to the saloon.
Italian ISO Demo 260MB (uploaded by myloch)

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