Devil Force 3: Sword & Bouquet [J] Compile 1996

Compile's Disc station SRPG third work of the Devil Force Series. With its small capacity and clean design, it has been loved by many people along with the Hwanse Hwajeon . As a sequel, we make After Devil Force ~ Heir to the Mad King ~ . Being aware of the easy difficulty of Devil Force 3, the difficulty of the sequel is famous for its atrocities. It was so difficult that it did not become very popular. However, there are also enthusiasts due to its difficulty and the high levels of medieval times. The story is typical of low-volume, and it is a story in which rural warriors who rise up against the invasion of neighboring tyrants grow up, lead the resistance to victory, and beat the devil who was hiding behind it. It seems to be short with a total of 20 stages, but the play time is not short due to the game system. Adventurers Gelda and El Anel , attacked while reading the ruins in the opening, appear as prisoners on the stage just before the ending . These are the leading characters as colleagues of Rudy, the protagonist of Devil Forces 1 and 2 . The overall balance of the game is bad. In addition, the disadvantage is that the status system is too simple and the difficulty is too easy. It is easy enough to clear even if the main character sorties alone. Moreover, it is a problem that warriors are the best unconditionally because they are'warrior first.' In the third part, a magician becomes a thug, but the warrior appears as a super thug after obtaining the goddess' sword and Verna Blade from the middle. However, considering the first and second episodes, it is a very advanced work. The first and second episodes become weaker as the magician levels up, and there are only two magics. The therapist has no means to level up because there is no means to attack. Also, the 1st article-2nd heavy warriors have been garbage from the past, and even in Devil Force 3, they are garbage. Even though it is an SRPG, the lack of implementation of the ZOC is a major factor causing the difficulty to decline.
Japanese ISO Demo + DOSBox 114MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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