Winterlore Moroi Springs 2020

This is a folkloric mystery adventure. Legend has it, that after God created the World, he scattered the crumbs left from his bag of miracles in the place that is now Moroi Springs. The land began to be inhabited by strange creatures to balance out the good and the bad in the World. Follow the story of young Ozana, as she embarks on a quest of self-discovery and healing after her beloved grandmother passed away. She begins by treading in the same footsteps as her late grandmother, encouraged by the fact that she knows the family’s traditions inside and out. She’ll meet mysterious characters along the way. Some are friends, some are foes and some, are not entirely human. Features: Uncover the region of Moroi Springs and its mysteries; Discover lost traditions and folklore by solving puzzles; Immerse in the narrative through hand-crafted graphics and an atmospheric soundtrack; Unveil the hidden story by examining old objects and connect the dots.
Download: None currently available

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