Angelic Vale Progress [J] Chrome6 2003

This is an unorthodox stage clear type simulation Japanese RPG that adopts the so-called "weight turn system". There was almost no change in the battle system in the 1st and 2nd works. The growth system is a little different from the conventional RPG, and there is no concept of level, and if each character has a stone called " secret stone " and the experience value accumulated in the secret stone is accumulated above a certain level, that A system is adopted in which the character who owns the secret stone is given the unique status growth distribution of the secret stone. Six attributes of water, fire, earth, wind, light, and darkness were assigned to each character and armament, and there were armaments and items that could not be equipped depending on the character. As for magic, by using scrolls, any character can use magic as long as it is not magic with attributes contrary to that character, so it was possible to develop characters with a high degree of freedom in combination with the above secret stone system. In the first work, love elements were entwined, and depending on the choice, there was one of the heroine characters and the ending of the main character Ogel. There is only one ending after the second work. In the second game, by importing the character data and ending flag of the first game, it was possible to transfer the character's abilities and items at the start of the game. However, there is no data import for the 2nd to 3rd works and the 1st to 3rd works.
Japanese ISO Demo 425MB (uploaded by Corwin)
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