Frogger: Ancient Shadow Hudson Soft Company Ltd. / Konami Digital Entertainment Inc., Oberon Media 2006

While his friend Lumpy is away, Frogger learns from his girlfriend Lily that the evil crocodile Dr. Wani is threatening Firefly Swamp. He must save his home by solving puzzles, collecting gold coins and dodging hazards. In addition to running and jumping, Frogger can also manipulate objects with his tongue. The game's single-player story mode spans seven worlds and twenty-eight levels. The story levels can also be played in a timed challenge mode, and there is a multiplayer battle mode with a variety of scenarios. It is also possible to unlock the original Frogger arcade game. This game was not sold like a traditional CD-ROM release. Rather, a USB game controller was sold in stores under the "Konami Live" brand. Upon plugging in the controller to a computer, the game's executable would be installed. Then, on loading screens, game assets would be downloaded as they were needed. This was neat, but it meant when the servers shut down in 2012/2013, the game became unplayable. We were lucky enough to find someone who had around 25% of the game files on an old hard-drive backup. We were able to reconstruct the missing files using assets found on console releases of the game. This means the game is in a fully playable state, even if it took some modifications to get it to work. We are still hoping to find the rest of the original authentic files though, because we know our recreations are not perfect replicas of the PC files due to entries in hfstable.dat differing. It took a group called Highway Frogs of 6/7 people to restore the game.
Full Demo 368MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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