Pixeline Skolehjælp: Matematik 2 - Pixelines regneræs [Da] Krea Medie 2006

In this heady car race you can play either alone against the computer, or you can play up to 4 players against each other (Multiplayer feature). The players take turns solving tasks, which means that you learn mathematics in a guaranteed completely new way. The rain race is built up like a board game, it just takes place on the computer. You roam around in 4 exciting universes and have to solve 7 different types of math problems. A math game in a class of its own because: It teaches your child about numerical values, counting, counting and sorting numbers; You can play with your child; Pixeline is the perfect teacher, she always encourages children to try again and guides them safely through the tasks; It is possible to play on 4 levels of difficulty, which means that all children, regardless of level, can achieve results immediately; The children's progress and results can be followed via the parent feedback system; It is possible to set playing time (parental control).
Danish ISO Demo (Copy protected with SafeDisc) 158MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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