Lunacy: Saint Rhodes Lazarus Studio / Iceberg Interactive 2020

Release Date: Nov Explore your dark family history in a first-person survival horror game in which you’re never truly safe, as the game watches your every move and adapts to your playing style. What truly happened in Saint Rhodes? You seek the truth behind your family’s horrific murder. Investigate the history behind your ancestral home and the town of Saint Rhodes, while fighting to survive what haunts it. Uncover your family’s troubled past as you descend further and further into insanity. The Author AI is always watching you. Introducing The Author: an advanced artificial intelligence that observes how you play and adapts to your every move, making sure you are never really safe. You never know what’s waiting around the corner. Expect the unexpected. It's a truly terrifying experience, featuring a detailed world that tells the story of what happened in the haunted town of Saint Rhodes. Frightening creatures roam the town, guided by the Author, as you explore Saint Rhodes in search of clues to help you survive. No single visit to the town will be the same, with multiple non-linear paths that lead to different outcomes. Features: An advanced AI watches your every move and makes sure you never really feel safe; True atmospheric horror achieved by the beautifully crafted environments of Saint Rhodes; Haunting story involving a family with a dark past; Terrifying enemies that all require a different approach; Multiple paths to take and outcomes to experience.
Download: None currently available

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