Twin Mirror Dontnod Entertainment 2020

This is a narrative adventure game from the studio known for titles like Remember Me, Life is Strange and Vampyr. Players control a 33-year-old man named Samuel, who recently experienced a heartbreak. He returns to his hometown Basswood in West Virginia to attend a funeral of his friend. He wakes up in a morning in a hotel room and is terrified to find that his shirt is drenched in someone’s blood. To make matters worse, he can’t recall what has happened last night. As in most narrative adventure games, the gameplay focuses on exploration, dialogues, and decisions. The town and its inhabitants hide many secrets, which are slowly uncovered during the game. Interestingly, the game doesn’t take place only in the physical world of Basswood. As Samuel tries to regain his memories, players will often visit the inside of his mind, with its abstract reality offering fresh challenges for story and exploration. Additionally, it’s story is highly non-linear. Players’ decisions shape both it and Samuel’s relations with other characters. Episode 1: Lost On Arrival
Free Mini-Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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