Classiques No. 2 Titus 1987

The second volume of the collection of classic arcade games from the famous company Titus is already more original developments hidden under the names Penggo, Arnold and Grand Prix. In Penggo before you is an ice labyrinth with three diamonds and four monsters. Your hero - a pink penguin - must touch all three diamonds in a row (and just like a straight chain!), Pushing them in front of him and removing obstacles in the form of pieces of ice (this is done simply - just come close to the ice floe and press the spacebar). Everything would be simple if it were not for the monsters: unlike the ghosts in Pakman from the first collection, here they chase your hero. But it is easier to kill them: just push an ice cube or diamond in their direction. Many levels with increasing difficulty make Penggo a real treat for lovers of maze-like arcade games. Arnold is an analogue of a "snake", but in a labyrinth, - not so much an arcade as a puzzle: you need to collect all the points scattered around the level, but at the same time choose a path so as not to cross your tail. And if at first it is easy, then on the second "circle" of the passage the tail is already growing at such a pace that it will be very difficult to do it. However, arcade roots can be traced here too: they won't give you a long time to think, because the inexorable timer constantly counts down the seconds until the loss. A little spoils the impression here only not the most responsive controls. Grand Prix is a top-down arcade race. Here, in the role of a Formula 1 racer on a car, you must hold out as long as possible on the track, and obstacles, passing cars - racing cars and an ambulance - and all the same ruthless time counter will interfere with this. It is necessary to replenish the stock of this resource by picking up bonuses. You can also accelerate and brake, which gives you more room to maneuver. Despite its simplicity, the Grand Prix is quite capable of passing a few minutes. The second volume turned out to be a little more interesting than the first, providing more recent, but the same crystal clear and addictive arcade hits. At the same time, at least the first two make you think too.
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