Long Gate, The David Shaw / Inductance LLC. 2020

This is a challenging and beautiful single-player, first-person, puzzle game. You will explore ancient caverns filled with mysterious devices and traverse relaxing oases of nature while learning to solve the three primary types of puzzles that wind through them. Find out what created this place and what happened to them since. Most of the puzzles can be completed in any order and many have more than a single possible solution for you to discover, and mastering a circuit type will provide keys to new areas and secrets. If you ever get stuck on a puzzle you can explore somewhere else, then come back later, or you can open the settings menu and turn on hints. Nearly all of it’s puzzles are based on real world technologies, and it contains accurate depictions of quantum circuits and a 4-bit quantum computer, verified by scientists at D-Wave Systems, the world’s first commercial quantum computer company. To progress through the game, you will intuitively learn the basic principles that form the backbones of each puzzle type. It also features an original soundtrack by musician Nick Newman. Features: Three different classes of puzzles - digital, analog, and quantum; An optional hints mode; A mesmerizing original soundtrack; Beautiful locations to explore and hidden secrets to discover.
Download: None currently available

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