Amazonia [Pt] Renato Degiovani 1990

This game is considered a classic among adventure games in Portuguese. It was the first game of its kind to be published in a national magazine (originally a text adventure in 1983 on Sinclair ZX81). In 1990, a PC-compatible version came out, with support for monochrome CGA cards. In 1991, the first graphic version of the game was released, for PC / CGA. In 1993, PRO KIT Informática created the first color version of the game (16 colors), for 386 computers with VGA support. In 1995, mouse support was introduced in the game: it was possible to play traditionally, typing phrases and commands, but it was also possible to choose actions from an interactive menu. In 1996, it gained support for SuperVGA cards and entered the era of 256 colors. This version was released exclusively on CD-ROM and was the first Brazilian game distributed in this format. In 1996, the first version of the game for Windows would also arrive, with Hi-Color and True-Color support on PC computers. It is important to remember that it is not a lavish program in situations, but we can already have a lot of fun. The game is based on the solution of small problems, which lead to the solution of the main problem, which is to escape the dangers of the jungle after surviving an air accident, finding a paved road. To achieve this goal, the player must construct command phrases, using verb (action) plus objects. For example: TAKE THE SUITCASE. Jungle Adventures is a story that takes place in any jungle (it could be in the Amazon) and the goal is to find a place where you can ask for help. There is only one way out, and several ways to reach it: by deduction, intuition, logical reasoning, experience, error and success and even luck. It is important to make a map of the places to go, but this must be done carefully, because in the jungle you walk on trails that sometimes turn without realizing it. In 2012 the source code was made free and a web version was created.
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