Mia's Big Adventure Collection: The Bugaboo Bugs Kutoka Interactive Inc 2007

The Bugaboo Bugs inadvertently entered Mia’s house. The Big Feet warns everyone to get out, but not for Mia the Mouse. She will need to find a way to solve the problem. The game features reading skills for ages 5 to 9. The game also uses a side-scrolling and mouse-controlled interactivity to guide Mia through the adventure. The game's 12 educational activities teach associating images to words, adverbs, phonics, rhymes, spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary, reading comprehension, word recognition etc. - each with four levels of difficulty. It's an interactive adventure where children recognize words and their spelling, add vocabulary, learn grammar, practice phonics and rhymes. Developed by an award-winning team, Mia Reading is designed to spark children's interest and stir their imagination in every minute of play. This is what separates the Mia Adventure series from any other children's software, a successful mix of entertainment and quality education. Each adventure puts your child in full control, free to lead Mia on an exciting escapade. With exceptional 3D graphics and story-based game-play format, Mia makes learning fun. The sixth installment in the popular Mia series comes on a DVD-ROM for an even better graphic quality. The Mia series has won over 130 awards including Best e-learning program from the United Nations, Excellence in Educational Publishing – AEP (USA); Winner – Early Elementary Foreign Language – Bessie Awards (USA); Gold Award – Parents' Choice (USA) and many more.
DVD ISO Demo 1.8GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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