Quantum Prisoner, The CEA 2019

Science, logic, and technology are your best allies in this completely free browser-based point-and-click adventure that is playable in English on PC, Mac and mobile devices and tablets. Featuring 10-12 hours of gameplay, it takes you on a journey around the globe to find out what happened to the physician Artus Cropp, who mysteriously disappeared back in the 1960s. Playing as Zoe, curious and resourceful young woman, you must solve more than 30 technology, science and engineering-based puzzles from operating particle accelerators and fuel cells to robots and more. You will escape perilous situations, progress through your investigation and make a discovery that will change the world. As a public science research organization, the CEA aims to open up the exciting world of science to the next generation of budding young brilliant minds and so made this into a completely free game to lower the entry barrier for a fun learning experience. We've designed the game to be accessible even if you don't know anything about science - you learn as you play along, in line with the scientific approach. Informative videos, facts and assistance from the CEA researchers are all at your disposal as you play through increasingly challenging puzzles and learn about environmental and life sciences, physics, chemistry and maybe even a bit of quantum physics along the way. It's a browser-based game created by the CEA with the sole purpose of making science fun and more accessible. The game is completely free with no registration required (unless you want to share your game between several devices), no ads, and can be played on any modern browser without the need of downloading a plug-in, The game can be fully preloaded if you desire to play offline. It's designed for players in the 12/13 age range and over but can be enjoyed by players as young as eight with the help of an adult on some of the more difficult puzzles. First released in October, 2019 in France (only in French), it received praise at Paris Games Week and has attracted more than 100,000 gamers across the country, receiving positive feedback from the players. Given this success, the CEA has translated the game into English for a wider audience in October/2020 who can now play for free through any browser from the game website.
Browser-Playable Free Interactive Teaser (uploaded by Itch.io)
Browser-Playable / Downloadable Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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