Devil, The cathroon, Aaron Taecker-Wyss, flan, Nic, shane yach, bb tombo 2020

A classic survival horror game, in the lineage of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Siren. Bad circumstances and unwelcoming hosts are nothing new to a transient lifter like you. When the Spire picked you up, you thought it was a way home. But something went wrong this time. The Spire broke from the herd, venturing far off course, carrying its passengers deep into the accursed swamp. And then - miles from help or hope - the Spire grinds to a halt. Someone has gone overboard. The herd continues on without you, as the pilgrims call to their god for help. But it isn't their god that answers. It supports keyboard or gamepad.
Free Game v1.1.2 154MB (uploaded by

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