Pathless, The Giant Squid / Annapurna Interactive 2020

Release Date: Nov 12 This is another work by Giant Squid, whose debut project was the experimental adventure game Abzu. Like its predecessor, this title also has an artistic flair, which can be seen, among other things, in the intriguing audiovisual setting. We play the Hunter skilled in archery and acrobatics, who crosses the dense forests of a cursed island to find a way to destroy the shroud of darkness that covers the whole world. The basic premise of the game is the exploration of the game world - full of ancient ruins, creatures that can be hunted, as well as dangerous, fiery monsters that may be a great challenge. The interesting mechanics of movement plays an important role, which will allow you to combine acrobatics with spectacular bow shooting. Another important element is the animal companion. In The Pathless at the side of the Hunter flies an eagle, with the help of which our heroine can glide and at the same time shoot enemies from the bow. However, in order to ensure a smooth cooperation between the protagonist and the animal, it is necessary to maintain a proper bond with the majestic bird all the time. The game was made using the same technology as Abzu, which is why it is distinguished by a similar, intriguing atmosphere, slightly cartoon graphics and beautiful, melancholic music.
Download: None currently available

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