Below The Root Telarium / Windham Classics 1984

Based on the fantasy book series "The Green Sky Trilogy" this game was the most expansive adventure game of it's time. The story is devised completely from scratch, with few real ties to the series of books. You can choose one of five characters, each of whom has different skills and levels of magical powers, which make the game easier or more difficult. Each of the games is otherwise the same, however. You're either a member of the "Kindar", a tree dwelling race, or the "Erdling", an underground race, in an attempt to quell the racial and political tensions building between the races. For originality, Windham Classics deserves high marks but it is also very difficult, and requires much time and exploration.
Full Demo 98kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Booter Image ISO Demo 100kb (uploaded by Molitor)

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