Immortals: Fenyx Rising Ubisoft 2020

This is a fairytale-like action game about a forgotten hero, set in ancient Greece full of mythological creatures and famous Greek gods. It was developed by the devs of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. In the game, we play as a forgotten hero who decides to take on the difficult task of saving the Greek gods and regaining their precious power. All because of the Typhon - half-man, half-beast, hatched from an egg given to Gaia by Tartarus after she asked him for help, being angry with Zeus for locking up the Titans. Thus was born a monster filled with hatred towards all gods, and the beast we must face. The action of the game is set in the fantasy world of ancient Greece, pulled straight from myths, full of beautiful buildings and breathtaking views, observed from third-person perspective. We visit it as a forgotten hero, endowed by the gods with special powers that help him deal with Typhon, but also with various mythological creatures encountered on the road. And these don't always have good intentions, so there's a fight to be fought. The combat os dynamic and focused on using the special skills of our character. In addition, along with the progress of the plot, we are faced with special tasks, thanks to which we return the lost powers to the gods.

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Level Demo (uploaded by Epic Games)

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