ImagiNation Network, The Sierra On-Line Inc. 1991

Sierra pioneered online multiplayer gaming with their "The Sierra Network" (TSN) which later became the ImagiNation Network (INN). It was the first game-only online environment. Providing a "land-based" precursor to MMORPGs and internet chat rooms, each land theme for the type of content provided multi-player gaming and category based bulletin boards and chat rooms throughout the continental United States. The games include a Casino for Adults, and three online multiplayer RPG games that are so addictive and graphically enchanced that it left you wanting more; you can even play in teams with real people. The game also features a lot of games from Sierra: Boogers, a game where you move boogers to take other players' boogers in order to fill up the board; The Shadow of Yserbius where you gain levels by slaying monsters; Red Baron, a dogfight game where you try and shoot down the other airplane; and Stratego, a game where you try and find the other player's flag. When you first connect, you make a "Profile" or "Persona": a digital character that is a representation of you. You can choose from loads of different hairstyles, clothes, glasses and loads more. You can then choose how good you are at games and your four favourite hobbies. Then you enter a password - enter any letters as the password system is redundant now, connect via IP, and you arrive at a map. A message shows you how many people are online... THEN THE GAMES BEGIN. AT&T took sole possession of the network on November 15, 1994, and as a result the name was changed to the ImagiNation Network. The network failed to find a mass audience. AT&T continued to make enhancements to the service until August 6, 1996, when INN was acquired by America On-Line for $15 million dollars. AOL shut down the ImagiNation Network early in 1998, ending seven years of operation. In 2019, the game was revived at Inn Barn.
Inn Barn - Revived Free Game 41.7MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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