Manga Strip Poker Finson 2004

This is an original manga version of strip poker in which you have to challenge three beautiful models: Yoko, Moemi and Reiko. Your skill and a good dose of luck are the only elements at your disposal to be able to strip these beautiful girls, created from the pencil of a famous designer. Attention to detail and vivid colors will surprise you. Every game gets harder and harder as the hours go by, and your futuristic opponents will be harder and harder to beat. Enter this fantastic world set in 2050 and the challenge begins. The rules are the classic ones of poker: five cards in hand, opening, changing cards, relaunching and... Win. Don't get caught unprepared and be careful in your plays, so you don't run out of money and lose the challenge. The simple and eye-catching gameplay will instantly project you into this fantastic world.
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Italian ISO Demo (ncd image) 21MB (uploaded by myloch)

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