Strip Poker Vol.2 Finson 2004

Sensual challenge to opponents, ready to undress for you. They all wear sexy and elegant clothes and, underneath the clothes, stunning lingerie. You can have fun in the company of beautiful girls, who will challenge you in exciting matches. Playing is very simple: just choose your opponent, give her the name you like best and bet. Are you ready to bet that you'll be able to strip her down to the last garment? The rules are the classic ones of poker with opening, raising, bluffing and changing of cards. If you have enough money, you can save the game or offer your opponent a drink, to try to confuse her and be able to beat her more easily. As you succeed in stripping your opponent, beating her will become more and more difficult. Also be careful not to run out of money.
Italian ISO Demo 666MB (uploaded by myloch)

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