La Bosse des Maths 3ème [Fr] Coktel Vision 1988

"You fall on your head and say ouch? Maybe it's the math bump that grows ..." This third most senior high school class is definitely the pinnacle of evolution in the series of games about the misadventures of Joe the dromedary camel. The sections of the edition for secondary school students who are already preparing for admission to the lyceum are a bit like the editions for the fourth grade: for example, in the Ocean of Geometry we will be greeted by the familiar Pythagoras with vectors, as well as - a novelty - linear equations. The inhabitants of the Data City have also matured: statistics and algorithms have been added to the usual proportions. Well, the Digital Limit has radically updated its range of useful entertainment: except that "Solving Equations" reminds of past successes, while "Formulas of Abbreviated Multiplication" and "Square Roots" may not pretend to be higher mathematics, but they will definitely make you scratch your head and many adults. The texts of the problems are still original and interesting, but there are even fewer illustrations - except that the algorithms look very picturesque against the general background and partly replace nice pictures that are so memorable in the "younger" editions. But the authors have finally at least somehow taken care of the interest of re-passing: many exercises, when asked for the second and third time, slightly change the conditions and answer options, so that as a result, our services are not familiar 54 tasks, but much more. On the other hand, still nothing prevents, instead of thirteen assigned tasks according to the plan, to solve one or two already mastered points for the set of the necessary fifty points, albeit in several of their varieties. Nevertheless, given the complexity of local exercises, recommend this only to very confident users and connoisseurs of both language and mathematics. Well, or 14-year-old French schoolchildren.
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