Bong Bong Lee T.K. / Yonsei COMSCI 1989

One of the very first games developed in South Korea, while completely devoid of any "specific" local flavor. By genre, it is a fairly peaceful and not too difficult platformer with elements of logic, clearly created under the influence of Lode Runner. The text is only in the menu - and in English. You have to play for a defenseless (that is, unable to defend) squirrel, which needs to be prepared for supplies. The task at each of the levels, always represented by a single screen, is to collect all the available bonuses-fruits (their type differs depending on the stage, it can be berries, carrots, bananas, watermelon slices, and so on). The location consists of platforms, in some places connected by stairs, along which the rodent can go down and up; he can also jump. By default, there are two types of dangers: sharp nails that must be jumped over, and hostile caterpillars, moving, however, along strictly defined horizontal trajectories and not inclined to purposefully pursue the protagonist; collision with both leads to death. Finally, in each location there are also pink circles with a "?" not required for pickup: they can contain both a bonus that gives extra points, and an evil snake that begins to crawl across the entire available territory (but relatively easy to avoid). As soon as all the food is picked up, the next level is loaded, already with other fruits. There is a time limit - but relatively sparing. Graphics - only CGA, and very "poor" and lackluster. It is not very difficult to play, especially after understanding the limits of movement of opponents, there are no difficult jumps, and given the actual absence of violence, this platformer is quite suitable for children. In addition, Bong Bong has great historical value as the earliest representative of electronic entertainment in its country.
Full Demo 28kb (uploaded by

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