Knock Harder Snail-Ninja Studio 2020

You are inside a multi-level dream. No one knows when it is over and you wake up in reality. Observe your surroundings and inspect everything. All around you is just a dream if you spot something strange. Kill yourself. It's the only way to Wake up. If you think that everything around you is the reality then try to survive until the time-out. However, if it's timeout inside a dream then you will die in reality. The goal of the game is to reach reality. You must be careful. Any awakening can be the final one inside reality. Don't get yourself killed in there. I was always curious how Dominic Cobb would feel in Nolan’s “Inception”. Or Doctor from “Doctor Who” when he was under the influence of dream crabs. Or Rick and Morty in the imitation chamber of alien reality. This is exactly why I made this game that is gamification of these situations. Features: Unique gameplay where a player makes a decision that can be fatal without any hints provided; More than 200 regular and additional signs of sleep; An uncommon combination of two graphical styles; Great music "Mistland Prattlers" by Lex-O-Lantern.
Knock Harder: Useless - Steam Free Game (only easy level) (uploaded by Steam)

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