Cybertron Thomas Plesko 2003

This is a futuristic game, in which you zoom through huge, futuristic cyber cities skiding off buildings and ricocheting off I/O towers for big bonus. Shooting at digital binary streams, and blowing away I/O towers may be fun, but you'll need to go FAST to get to the finish line line before your time runs out. Going over speed pads is the only way to go, as they give you super speed boosts. Beware, however, there are just as many zero pads that'll slow you to a crawl. Oh, did I mension you'll also need to fly in this game? Hit the boost button, and you're off in the air, zooming, taking sharp turns around and through the cyber buildings... But beware, a small jerk of the mouse could mean the difference between skiding off a building for big bonus points, or crash and burn.
Full Demo 6MB (uploaded by roioros)

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