AI Dungeon Nick Walton, Latitude 2019

This is a free-to-play single-player and multiplayer text adventure game which uses artificial intelligence to generate unlimited content. It also allows players to create and share their own custom adventure settings. When first beginning the game, players are greeted by the following opening: "You're about to enter a world of endless possibilities, where you can do absolutely anything you can imagine.... Will you proceed? Players are then prompted to choose a setting for their adventure (e.g. fantasy, mystery, apocalyptic, cyberpunk, zombies), followed by other options relevant to the setting (such as character class for fantasy settings). After beginning an adventure, there are three main interaction methods that can be chosen for each of the player's pieces of text input: Do - Must be followed by a verb, allowing the player to perform an action; Say - Must be followed by dialog sentences, allowing players to communicate with other characters; Story - Can be followed by sentences describing something that happens to progress the story, or that players want the AI to know for future events. The game's artificial intelligence allows it to adapt and respond to almost any action entered by the player. Providing blank input can also be used to prompt the AI to generate further content. User-generated content - In addition to the pre-configured settings available, players also have the ability to create entirely custom "adventures" from scratch, simply by describing the setting in text format. The AI will then generate a setting, based on the user's input. Custom adventures that players create can also be published for others to play through in their own way. The game provides an interface for browsing published adventures, along with the ability to leave comments and upvote/like each one. It also features a multiplayer mode, whereby different players each have a dedicated character, and can take turns interacting with the AI within the same game session. This supports both online play across multiple devices or local "pass-n-play" style using a shared device. Unlike the single-player game, in which actions and stories use second person narration ("you..."), multiplayer game stories are presented using third-person narration. Each game's host player is given additional permissions (likened to that of a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master) whereby they can supervise the AI and make modifications to its output. It also provides players with the ability to set their adventures within specific 'Worlds', which give context to the broader environment in which the adventure takes place. This feature was first released with two different worlds available for selection: Xaxas is a world of peace and prosperity. It is a land in which all races live together in harmony; Kedar is a world of dragons, demons, and monsters. The game also features additional functionality for players who pay for a monthly premium subscription, such as: Access to the advanced Dragon AI model; Text-to-speech functionality to provide audio narration; Custom scripts when creating adventures; The ability to configure advanced settings, such as the length and randomness level of responses; Artbreeder content. It also provides the ability for players to select a premade avatar for themselves which were generated by Artbreeder, an artificial intelligence website which uses generative adversarial network (GAN) technology to combine and synthesize images. In November 2019, a new, 'full' version of GPT-2 was released by OpenAI. This new model included support for 1.5 billion parameters (which determine the accuracy with which a machine learning model can perform a task), compared with the 126 million parameter version used in the earliest stages of AI Dungeon's development. The game was recreated by Walton, leveraging this new version of the model, and temporarily rebranded as AI Dungeon 2. AI Dungeon 2's AI was given more focused training compared to its predecessor, using genre-specific text. This training material included approximately 30 megabytes of content web-scraped from (an online community website of content inspired by interactive gamebooks, written by contributors of multiple skill levels, using logic of differing complexity and multiple D&D rulebooks & adventures
Browser-Playable Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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