Bugsnax Young Horses 2020

This is an action adventure game in which we get a chance to visit an island full of strange creatures that are a hybrid of worms and... food. In this game you can find some inspiration from the popular Pokemon series, as well as a large dose of humour. The action takes place on Snaktooth Island, which is inhabited by strange creatures - the Bugsnax, a hybrid of worms and various snacks for example strawberries). The character controlled by the player was invited to this place by explorer Elizabert Megafig, but upon arrival it turns out that the woman disappeared without a trace. Our goal is to find team members and understand what happened. The gameplay is primarily to explore the island and catch all kinds of creatures that live on it - we use various lures and traps for this purpose. Moving around the locations we also come across various characters - what's interesting, we have the possibility to change their appearance with the use of captured creatures. Gradually, we also discover the history of what happened with Elizabert Megafig band.
Download: None currently available

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