Blinky Bill's Play & Learn: Year One Yoram Gross EMTV / Forest Interactive 1999

This offers children educational continuity over the most important educational years in maths, language, social skills and the environment. Printable progress reports, reward system to encourage children to try their least favourite subjects and over 200 unique lessons. Play and learn with Australia's favourite Koala for children ages 5-7. Learn sorting & categorising, cleaning up, how to save water, animal sounds and a lot more. Activities: Free Play activities; Free play - Dominoes; Sorting & categorising animals and their homes, following a pattern, comprehension skills; Free play - Clean up game: Mouse manipulation, environmental care, speed and accuracy; Free play - Slip Slap Slop... Sun and weather safety awareness, helping friends, health; Painting game - Visual discrimination, creativity, object manipulation. Scoring Activities: Matrix Game - Following a matrix, visual discrimination of 2D shapes, matching skills; Categorizing by shape, number, size and use, following instructions; What's that sound - Audio discrimination, learning animal sounds; Number order - Ordering numerals to 100, following a sequence; Save water maze - Environmental care; Subtraction - Developing subtraction skills to 20, following instructions; Find the missing piece - Advanced visual discrimination, understanding 2D shapes, developing visual memory; Multiplication - Developing multiplication skills to 20, following instructions, sharing; Memory game - Developing visual memory; Clock Bingo - Telling the time to 1/2 hour building speed an accuracy; Addition - Developing addition skills to 20 and mental calculation skills including speed and accuracy with addition; Coin addition - Developing addition skills with money, comprehension of the value of money, coin recognition; Secret Code Game - Various health and safety issues, matching skills, comprehension skills; 3D Shape Game - 3D shape recognition, visual discrimination.
ISO Demo 437MB (uploaded by cheril59)

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